Procedural Eye - Unreal - v1.0

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Time ago, I created an eye shader to work with offline render like Renderman, Mental Ray and Arnold.

Now the unreal version is FREE for comercial use - Creative Commons CC0, but If you have the means I'd appreciate any donation, even if it's $1, just for the coffee ;)

Right now Real-Time render has been using for production short-films and visual effects, with this shader you can create a big variety of eye configuration very easy.

I hope you enjoy :), any comments are welcome.


- Cat eye effect.

- FULL procedural, you can change the look of the eye in a few minutes (size of the iris, size of pupil, size of border eye and others).

- Can create an eye with the color that you want.

- Can apply texture to the iris, sclera and pupil, template is in the package.

- Clean Geometry.

- If you want, you can't use texture and use only color for cartoon characters.

NOTE: It needs to activate the "Clear Coat Enable Second Normal" to work properly.

Github repo:

eduroa/ProceduralEyeShader_Unreal (

Compatible with Unreal +4.15.

I hope in the near future write the shader compatible with Unity.

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(9 ratings)
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Procedural Eye - Unreal - v1.0

9 ratings
I want this!