Advanced Fresnel – Segment

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This fresnel effect has the possibility to segment the effect (see video), allow to you only apply the effect in a portion of the mesh, cool effect to create a fake rim or backlight, also it would be very useful in visual effects

With the new update you can use 3 Fresnel Functions:

- Schlick’s model from the book “The Renderman: Shading Language Guide” (Implemented by myself).

- Fresnel (Unreal Function)

- Standard Fresnel Func (Unreal Function)

- v1.1: New function was added, a ramp function that worked with 3 colors, great to create more amazing visuals.

Video Youtube:

Forum Link:

GitHub repo:

eduroa/AdvancedFresnelSegment (

Free for commercial use – Creative Commons CC0, but If you have the means I'd appreciate any donation, even if it's $1, just for the coffee ;) 

Release Note:

29/03/2016: Public release. Unreal Engine 4.10

14/04/2017: Update to Unreal Engine 4.15

14/04/2017: Included in the effect the Unreal Fresnel functions

06/08/2018: Add Ramp with 3 colors.

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Advanced Fresnel – Segment

15 ratings
I want this!